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Canine Hydrotherapy

Course Syllabus

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  • Administration & Documentation
    We’ll walk through all necessary information to obtain from clients prior to a swim. Learn to tailor a specific swim program for an animal based on their condition. Discuss additional body studies and the importance of continuing education.
  • Hydrotherapy Overview
    What is Hydrotherapy? Why is it beneficial? Which animals benefit from hydrotherapy?
  • Animal Anatomy & Behavior
    We explore the main anatomical systems and their functions. We’ll study and review commonly used terminology.
  • Common Conditions
    Learn the most common health/muscular conditions you’ll come across and how hyrdotherapy improves those conditions.
  • Pool Management & Water Properties
    Chemicals! We’ll teach you what is and is NOT safe for your clients. We’ll cover water chemistry 101.
  • Equipment & Facility Design
    We’ll cover types of equipment needed. You’ll learn the ins and outs of life jackets, decks and pool styles to ensure client safety.
  • Handling & Therapy Techniques
    We’ll demonstrate best holds to use in the pool with animals. Learn how to modify techniques based on animals’ conditions. Discover when it’s best to refer an animal to another specialist vs. continuing hyrdrotherapy. Proper body mechanics – We’ll cover stretches and strengthening for your own body to stay in good working condition for your aqua therapy career.
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